Things that make you go... HMMMMM.
  • Have you noticed that the people screaming loudest to rush to war are the people who never had to fight one?
  • Before 11 September 2001, what was the worst terrorist incident in the US? If you answered something about Oklahoma, you're right, but if you think it happened in this half century, you're dead wrong.
  • What could be so damaging to McDonalds that they'd spend five million dollars to try to silence the people saying it?
  • From 1997-2001, Enron paid no taxes, because they -- legally, it seems -- shuffled money around in the right way. Lots of companies do that. How much extra taxes do you and I pay every year to subsidize these companies? It seems to me that a President and a Congress that was actually interested in getting the backs off the American People would be all over getting these companies to pay their fair share.
  • Kenneth Starr, where are you now? If Whitewater was worth five years and 40 million dollars, surely Enron and it's many love-children are at least worth honorable mention? Or do we only investigate alleged Democratic corruption because no one expects integrity from the Republicans in the first place?
  • If Napster, Gnutella, DeCSS, etc. are all bad for artists, why does Janis Ian support it?