Sex and Gender Issues
Masculism is the set of movements that arose to examine how people are differentially treated according to gender from a male perspective. While masculism is inherently informed by feminism, it does not uncritically accept every tenet lablled "feminist." Feminism is the set of movements that first examined -- and criticised -- how people are differentially treated according to gender. Pro-feminism is a men's feminist movement that examines how men can stop supporting sexism. It stops short of calling itself feminist because its adherents believe one must be female to be feminist. I include it here instead as a branch of masculism because the central focus of inquiry remains how sexism affects women.
And now a word about scope The scope of this web page is people and organizations who observe deleterious effects of sexism and work to end same. I specificly do not list "post-feminist," "afeminist," "patriarchal," "matriarchal" or any other class of organization which maintains that sexism is a desirable thing (no matter which terms they use to couch that position) ... just in case you were wondering why I "forgot" to mention them.

N.B. -- Inclusion of a site here does not necessarily imply endorsement of that site's views. I have deliberately included several organizations with views I find abhorrent in the interest of accurately presenting on my topic.

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