Some photos of some of me and mine
Riot, quarreling, and insubordination are Forbidden... yeah,

Dad and I found this mosaic when I was interviewing at Oberlin as a prospective student. We had the idea for the photo at the same time.

Here I am on vacation in the Grand Canyon, bored out of my skull, and wishing for Air Conditioning. The Canyon's hot at day, but colder at night. Hotel rooms don't have A/C, but do have heaters.

Shoot me now.

Before My hair grows quickly. The photo on the left was taken when I was a prospective student at Oberlin in October of '85, the left from before I entered Antioch in August of '86. Before

Yes, I'm one of those insane people who majored in Physics, which is of course why I worked as a Systems Administrator. And no, I cannot get so drunk that I forget how to do Calculus.

Here I am on a field trip to Argonne National Labs, playing with a low-energy particle accellerator and doing nifty stuff.

It was fun, and I do love physics, but I didn't want to live and work in Wachahachee, TX just to have a job -- and there were going to be no other jobs in physics. Untill Congress cut the funding for the Superconducting Supercollider. Then it all moved to Fermilab.

The Physics of Tae Kwan Leap

This is photo's about 8 years old, but I look about the same.

This was taken at Duckon, where my girl Sisina and I work as security.

Us at home, coming up fast on our fourth anniversary. Sisina made the shawl she's wearnig, and both the yukata and the cane I'm sporting were birthday presents from her.

Heavy Metal Mondays on Friday in Astoria.