Music has a Strong Magic


In the interest of using this fricken' mediumthe way it's meant to, I commend you to Unka Vlad's Makers of Music page for a good idea of alot of what I think is good and important music, rather than recreating all that copy here. Efficient, no?

Of course, I've some other things to point out as well. Bands whose music has touched me in different ways over my life.

Nightwish SavatageDef Leppard Scorpions

iron maiden Minstrels of
Mayhem (AHEM) Dio Stone Fury

Accept Leonard Cohen Dar Williams Steven Brust Queensryche

Dream Theater Fred A. Levy Haskell Gowan STYX

Rachel Barton Rob Halford Judas Priest

Just because these folks don't have graphic banners for me to link with, don't think I like them any less...

Rawlin's Cross Tom Smith

The Musical Is Political Fuck Facism Metalheads Against Racism

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