Cool people I know...

" I am part of a degenerate elite..."
-- D. Elfman

My father, Robert S. Holzman. You know, the one everyone should have had.

Unka Vlad

Uncle Vlad
" We were both cast forth by the same cold hands
and we both moved freely in the shadow lands. "
-- Boingo

"I will choose a path that's clear -- I will choose Free Will" -- Rush

Hat Strange Michael Spires someone I've tag-team debated idiots with for several years. You can also find him at this page

Samantha Star Straf
" Fell in love with a country girl" -- Black Sabbath

Steven Karl Zoltan Brust, PJF.
Yes, the totally awesome writer.

" She said
This is not a love song --
This isn't fantasy land. "

-- Rush

" And our dreams fall like bombs from the Blue "
-- Chagall Guevera

Abby Franquemont
I gotta think of an appropriate
quote here...

Akire Bubar, all around mega-babe and musician extroadinaire.


Pooch, I owe you a song quote

Craig "Fozz" Conde has been a dear friend of many years, but his domain seems to have vanished..

Mad Mike

"Mad" Mike Williamson was one of the most down to earth people I knew in Chicago Fandom... which should be a little unsettling.

Jim Rittenhouse

Benji Liberman

Ogreis doing much better now, in so many ways.


Ambr really, really should
have a page, but doesn't.

Babe with a harp. Tanya Brody, college mate, harper -- not harpist -- and all around cool lady.

Monica Kendrick, the Famous Rock Critic, doesn't have her own page yet, but this is her weekly column in The Chicago Reader Note: It's not for the faint of heart.