I have a code in my noze...

As people started expressing themselves more on through the Internet, someone invented The Geek Code, which was a way of describing the details in which one was a geek in a very condensed format. More of these codes developed over the years, and I started using them. I haven't touched them in a long time, so they may be a bit out of data, but alot of information about me is contained here.

The Magick Code v1.1

MWI S* W N+++++ PEC++++ A a C G Q 666 Y(+) Z*

K n o w T h e C o d e v2.0

U++++ W++++ M* C+++ CD++++ N* F*

K n o w T h e C o d e v3.0

AASAR !sp U+++++ W++++ M* C* CD++++ N* F* Boo* I++ E* Cr+++++ R*** Mlk++++ An++

The Geek Code Version: 3.12

GIT/SO d++(-) s:+ a C++$ U++++$ P+++(++++)$ L+$ E--- W++ N++ K++ w---(+)$ !O M V PS+++ PE Y+ PGP+ t+ 5++ X+ R+++ tv- b+++ DI+++ D--- G++ e++ h--- r++ y+++

Yiddishkeit Code

S- Fa--,c=0 Ng--- TM- M- K-- H T tL AT- -SY FOmsL D+ Tz++ E++ Am- I(--) Ha0 hc FH--

The RP Code

RaAC R+ H+ I+++ M++ C= A= S+ G++ P+ XR

Blogger Code

B9 d t- k s-- u-- f- i-- o x++ e+ l- c-